Rose Quartz Polished Agate Crystal Square Soap

  • $9.95

Rose Quartz Crystal Soap - Polished Agate Square Crystal Hand / Bath Bar Soap (Pikake Flower Fragrance Oil Scent )

This listing is for 1 piece of soap bar.

You are looking at the most unique artisan made soap you can find in the market. This soap weighs about 120 grams which is also about 4.2 oz. of soap. The dimension of this bar soap is approximately 3" tall and 3" wide. Pink and gray mica is added for the extra glimmering crystal effect.

Every layer of this handcrafted soap is made with extra consideration to resemble real crystals. They are cut, shaped and manipulated to create wave like shape. The clear part of the soap is made of Glycerin and the white soap is made of goat milk. They feels so nice on the skin.

Our Goat milk is a creamy off-white opaque soap. Goat milk is a luxurious ingredient which is moisturizing for the skin.

Pikake Flower Fragrance Oil is then added to the soap for extra pampering. I cannot tell you how floral this soap smells!

Hurry and add these to your soap collection! This Rose Quartz Crystal Soap is also great as stocking stuffer, wedding favor and for your own collection!